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I have had an incredible experience with Harrison Insurance and Jennifer in particular. She is true professional and handles all questions and concerns in a timely and kind manner. I’m so glad I switched my auto and renters policy to Erie and Harrison insurance.
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Jennifer has been nothing but helpful and cooperative during our correspondence.
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Fantastic customer service! Very knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. We were a new business starting up with absolutely NO clue what to do. Fred made the process very simple and got us the coverage we needed in a field that is hard to get coverage in!
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Used Fred for my executor bond, he worked with me over the phone as I was out of town to fill out the paperwork. The prices were much cheaper than anywhere else I found.
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Fred and team at Harrison Insurance are awesome. I requested a review of my insurance coverage for my business and found that I was grossly under covered. Fred explained where I was needing additional coverage and why it was important. Needless to say, I'm now a client. Fred truly cares for his clients. I think my premiums basically stayed the same, for additional coverage I might add, but I would have been willing to pay more just for the service and knowing I was being taken care of. I highly recommend Fred for your business.
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Harrison Insurance is a great company to work with! I worked with Fred and the personal touch he adds makes you feel like you’re truly being taken care of, like you’re a part of the family. Fred never settles for the bare minimum, and if he sees something lacking in your insurance policy, he will tell you what he can do to fix it and what kind of options you have to make sure you’re covered in every area possible. Harrison Insurance is a small town agency, but their impact is huge. If you’ve got any kind of insurance, it is always worth giving Harrison a call and seeing where you can improve your coverage while lowering your rates. You definitely won’t regret touching base with them!
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How Much is Used Car Dealership Insurance?

Car Dealership

How Much is Used Car Dealership Insurance?

If you own or operate a used car dealership, you know that insurance is a necessary expense. But do you know exactly what you’re paying for and why? In this article, we’ll break down the costs associated with a used car dealership insurance premium and help you understand how to get the best coverage for your business.

Understanding Used Car Dealership Insurance

Before we dive into the costs, let’s first understand what used car dealership insurance is and why it’s important.

Used car dealership insurance is a type of commercial insurance that provides coverage for the unique risks associated with running a used car dealership. This can include coverage for your inventory, property, employees, and customers.

Having the right insurance coverage can protect your business from financial losses due to accidents, theft, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events. It also helps you comply with state laws and regulations, as most states require dealerships to have certain types of insurance coverage.

Types of Coverage Included in a Used Car Dealership Insurance Premium

A used car dealership insurance premium typically includes the following types of coverage:

  • General Liability Insurance: This type of insurance protects your business from third-party claims of bodily injury, property damage, and advertising injury. For example, if a customer slips and falls on your lot, general liability insurance can cover their medical expenses and any legal fees if they decide to sue.
  • Property Insurance: This coverage protects your dealership’s physical assets, such as your building, inventory, and equipment, from damage or loss due to fire, theft, or other covered events.
  • Garage Liability Insurance: This type of insurance is specifically designed for car dealerships and provides coverage for accidents that occur on your premises, such as test drives or vehicle repairs.
  • Garagekeepers Insurance: This coverage protects your customers’ vehicles while they are in your care, custody, or control. For example, if a customer’s car is damaged while being test driven, garagekeepers insurance can cover the cost of repairs.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: If you have employees, workers’ compensation insurance is required by law in most states. It provides coverage for medical expenses and lost wages if an employee is injured on the job.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: This coverage is necessary if your dealership has company-owned vehicles or if employees use their personal vehicles for business purposes. It provides coverage for accidents, theft, and other damages.

Factors That Affect Used Car Dealership Insurance Premium Costs

Now that we understand the types of coverage included in a used car dealership insurance premium, let’s take a look at the factors that can affect the cost of your insurance.


The location of your dealership can have a significant impact on your insurance premium. If your dealership is located in an area with a high crime rate or frequent natural disasters, you can expect to pay a higher premium.

Size of Your Dealership

The size of your dealership, including the number of employees and vehicles, can also affect your insurance premium. The more employees and vehicles you have, the higher your premium will be.

Type of Vehicles Sold

The type of vehicles you sell can also impact your insurance costs. For example, if you sell high-end luxury cars, your insurance premium will likely be higher than if you sell more affordable vehicles.

Claims History

Your dealership’s claims history can also affect your insurance premium. If you have a history of frequent claims, insurance companies may see your business as a higher risk and charge a higher premium.

Coverage Limits and Deductibles

The amount of coverage you choose and the deductibles you select can also impact your insurance premium. Higher coverage limits and lower deductibles will result in a higher premium, while lower coverage limits and higher deductibles will result in a lower premium.

How to Lower Your Used Car Dealership Insurance Premium

While insurance is a necessary expense for your dealership, there are ways to lower your premium without sacrificing coverage. Here are a few tips to help you save on your used car dealership insurance costs:

Independent Agents

The first step to finding the best insurance coverage at the best price is to shop around. As an Independent Agent, at Harrison Insurance in Colonial Heights, we are able to shop the best price for you!

Bundle Your Policies

Many insurance companies offer discounts for bundling multiple policies. Consider bundling your used car dealership insurance with other types of insurance, such as property or workers’ compensation, to save on your premium.

Invest in Safety and Security Measures

Insurance companies often offer discounts for businesses that invest in safety and security measures. Installing security cameras, alarms, and other safety features can help lower your insurance premium.

Review Your Coverage Regularly

As your dealership grows and changes, your insurance needs may also change. It’s important to review your coverage regularly to ensure you have the right amount of coverage for your business. This can also help you identify any unnecessary coverage that can be removed to lower your premium.


While the cost of a used car dealership insurance premium may seem high, it’s a necessary expense to protect your business from financial losses. By understanding the types of coverage included in your premium and the factors that can affect the cost, you can make informed decisions to get the best coverage at the best price for your dealership. Remember to regularly review your coverage and shop around for the best deals to ensure you’re getting the most value for your insurance costs.