Andrew Troi
I have had an incredible experience with Harrison Insurance and Jennifer in particular. She is true professional and handles all questions and concerns in a timely and kind manner. I’m so glad I switched my auto and renters policy to Erie and Harrison insurance.
Andrew Troi
Kayla Courtois
Fantastic customer service! Very knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. We were a new business starting up with absolutely NO clue what to do. Fred made the process very simple and got us the coverage we needed in a field that is hard to get coverage in!
Kayla Courtois
Thomas Sweeney
Used Fred for my executor bond, he worked with me over the phone as I was out of town to fill out the paperwork. The prices were much cheaper than anywhere else I found.
Thomas Sweeney
bryan acheson
Fred and team at Harrison Insurance are awesome. I requested a review of my insurance coverage for my business and found that I was grossly under covered. Fred explained where I was needing additional coverage and why it was important. Needless to say, I'm now a client. Fred truly cares for his clients. I think my premiums basically stayed the same, for additional coverage I might add, but I would have been willing to pay more just for the service and knowing I was being taken care of. I highly recommend Fred for your business.
bryan acheson
Kayla Furrow
Harrison Insurance is a great company to work with! I worked with Fred and the personal touch he adds makes you feel like you’re truly being taken care of, like you’re a part of the family. Fred never settles for the bare minimum, and if he sees something lacking in your insurance policy, he will tell you what he can do to fix it and what kind of options you have to make sure you’re covered in every area possible. Harrison Insurance is a small town agency, but their impact is huge. If you’ve got any kind of insurance, it is always worth giving Harrison a call and seeing where you can improve your coverage while lowering your rates. You definitely won’t regret touching base with them!
Kayla Furrow
Wes Tatum
Highly recommend this company. Fred Zehrer was my agent and he provided top notch service. The process was simple and Fred saved me over $600 a year on my business vehicle insurance. I can't say enough good things about Fred and Harrison Insurance. If you want peace of mind and fair prices, this is where you need to be.
Wes Tatum

Why Subcontractors Should Have Insurance: Ensuring Smooth Operations for General Contractors

Subcontractor working on job site

Why Subcontractors Should Have Insurance: Ensuring Smooth Operations for General Contractors

Subcontractors play a vital role in the construction industry, collaborating with general contractors to bring projects to fruition. While subcontractors focus on their specialized tasks, it’s essential for them to have their insurance policies in place. In this article, we will delve into the significance of subcontractors having insurance and how it can impact the coverage of general contractors. We aim to provide valuable insights and guidance to subcontractors and general contractors alike.

Understanding Subcontractor Insurance Needs:

To comprehend the importance of subcontractor insurance, it’s crucial to recognize that subcontractors are independent entities responsible for their specific tasks within a construction project. As such, they carry their set of risks and liabilities. Insurance coverage tailored to their work is essential.

Protection for Subcontractors:

Subcontractor insurance serves as a protective shield for these specialized professionals. It can cover them in case of accidents, property damage, or liability claims arising from their work. This protection ensures that subcontractors can fulfill their obligations without facing crippling financial setbacks.

Impact on General Contractor Coverage:

When subcontractors are adequately insured, it can positively impact the coverage of the general contractor overseeing the project. Insurance providers often require subcontractors to have their insurance, reducing the general contractor’s exposure to risk. This can lead to more favorable insurance rates for the general contractor.

Minimizing Legal Complications:

In situations where subcontractors lack insurance, legal complications can arise if accidents or damages occur during the project. The general contractor may become entangled in disputes, leading to delays and additional costs. Subcontractor insurance helps prevent such scenarios.

Enhancing Project Efficiency:

Smooth coordination and collaboration among subcontractors are crucial for project efficiency. Subcontractors with insurance are better equipped to handle unexpected events, allowing them to fulfill their roles without disruptions, ultimately benefiting the entire project.

Contractual Obligations:

Many construction contracts stipulate that subcontractors must carry their insurance coverage. Compliance with these contractual obligations is vital for the successful execution of the project and maintaining the general contractor’s reputation.

Risk Management for Subcontractors:

Subcontractor insurance isn’t just beneficial for general contractors; it also helps subcontractors manage their own risks effectively. It provides peace of mind and ensures that subcontractors can continue their operations even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Encouraging Responsible Business Practices:

Requiring subcontractors to have insurance encourages responsible business practices within the construction industry. It ensures that all parties involved prioritize safety and financial responsibility.


In conclusion, subcontractor insurance is an essential component of the construction industry ecosystem. It safeguards subcontractors, promotes project efficiency, and positively affects the coverage and risk exposure of general contractors. It’s a win-win situation that fosters a more secure and productive construction environment.

For subcontractors looking to secure the right insurance coverage or general contractors seeking to ensure subcontractor compliance, Harrison Insurance is here to assist. Our team specializes in providing insurance solutions tailored to the specific needs of subcontractors and general contractors. Contact us today for personalized guidance and to learn more about how we can support your construction projects.